How to Stay Operational during an Outbreak
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Manage all users and desktops from a single interface, it is simple to create, image, and delete desktops.
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Our Desktops provides a bundle of basic applications for free including Microsoft Office 365 or you can install your Own.
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Protect your Remote and Work-from-Home Employees
during the COVID-19 Outbreak

As the coronavirus outbreak spreads, organizations are protecting their workforce and allowing employees to work remotely. This precaution, however, is leading to unforeseen risks and operational challenges to business.
•    Expand your remote workforce securely
•    Defend against fear-based cyberattacks
•    Establish a true remote office for employees
•    Gain additional operational benefits
•    Learn how to apply learnings to critical business continuity and disaster recovery plans

Easy access to Your Cloud Remote Desktops from anywhere, even from your pocket and more.
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